10 Best Programs to Download Music on Windows 10/8/7 Free (p2p and Streaming) 2020

Programs to Download Music on Pc Free

On the Internet, there is a great variety of programs to download, download, and listen to music that allows us to obtain our favorite songs with just one click. Thanks to the powerful search engines of these programs we can find the latest music releases in all kinds of genres such as rock, pop, Latin, classic, among others, in a wide variety of formats such as mp3, mp4, WMA, Wav, and many more.

But with the variety also comes the confusion of not knowing which program to choose, that’s why we have brought you this article with the top 10 programs to download music to your PC easily and free of charge in this 2020.

The 10 Best programs to Download music in 2020

ProgramDischarge typeOperating system
MP3 RocketYouTube convertsWindows   Download MP3 Rocket
AresP2PWindowsDescargar Ares
BitTorrentP2P – TorrentsWindows, Linux, and iOSDescargar BitTorrent
Atube CatcherYoutube converterWindowsDescargar Atube Catcher
VuzeP2PWindows, Linux, and iOSDescargar Vuze
Music2pcP2PWindowsDownload Music2pc
iMeshP2PWindowsDescargar iMesh
ShareazaP2P – TorrentsWindowsDownload Shareaza
FrostWireP2PWindows, Linux, and iOSDescargar FrostWire
SoulSeekP2PWindows, iOS, Linux y AndroidDescargar SoulSeek

Each of these programs has different functions that will make it easier for you to download music, such as offering you the albums of your favorite artists, most downloaded song lists, or the most talked about, perfect functions for when we don’t know what to listen to and want to expand our musical tastes.


Well then, we offer you a basic comparison between the 10 best music download programs, so you can make your decision wisely.

1. MP3 Rocket –One of the most used alternatives to download music with your computer

Previously MP3 Rocker was a P2P application that used the Gnutella and Torrents networks to share files. However, in January 2011 it became a YouTube converter.

Due to the latter, it is highly recognized, since more than downloading music, MP3 Rocket has the option of downloading videos directly from YouTube. Just by placing the video link, you can get the audio track and/or the video directly to your computer and virus free.

MP3 Rocket Downloader is a virus-free software to download free music with a very simple and customizable interface, being able to choose different display themes so that your experience is quite unique. Free Download MP3 rocket for windows 10.

   Download the Latest MP3 Rocket

  • Allows you to download audio tracks from YouTube videos
  • Only download songs, do not play

2. AresUnlimited music straight to your PC


Ares is one of the most used programs that we can find on the net when it comes to downloading and sharing music. There is no company behind this program that provides the information, it is the same users who upload, share and download the documents, so the more people use this tool, the greater the options and download speeds.

With a variety of options, Ares will not only allow you to download music but, because it is a collaboration program, you will be able to download a wide variety of files such as music videos, movies, and many other digital things.

This is a P2P program that is at the forefront, sharing the latest news and making them available to you with just one click.

This program can be found both in its presentation for smartphones and for PC, and in both cases, its operation is very simple. Once installed, all you have to do is search for the song you want to download and start browsing among the variety of options that this program has for you.

It is important to note that by not deleting the downloaded files of the program you will be collaborating at the download speed, sharing the information with other users.

  • Wide variety of content
  • High download speed
  • Only compatible with Windows

3. Bittorrent – The best in p2p music downloads

This is an excellent program that will not only allow you to download music , but, like Ares, it is an excellent and powerful tool to get videos, movies and even complete program packages.

It is a P2P program, so the information comes directly from users who share different content.

Due to the large number of users who use this program, it is an excellent alternative, since it consumes less resources and bandwidth, and the number of download options will be greater and it will be easier to find your favorite playlists.

One of the advantages that this program brings you is that in addition to being a totally free program, all the content that we can find in it is free of ads and advertising.

By simply downloading the program, you can enjoy the content on your computer, from a song to a program.

Downloading songs by this program is extremely simple, so anyone can search and download without computer knowledge.

Undoubtedly the most relevant thing that this tool has is its resume download service, enough of those annoying moments in which the download is canceled due to the internet connection; This program stores the information as it is downloaded, therefore if there is a problem with the internet connection or with the equipment it will resume from the last download percentage.

  • Allows you to play as you download
  • Download resume service
  • Has advertising
  • It does not allow direct search, to download you must have the torrent file.

4. Atube catcher – Audios downloaded directly from YouTube (software in softonic)

If you are a YouTube user you should consider Atube Catcher as your download option. It is a program that links directly to the YouTube platform to download, allowing you to get from audio to videos in different formats.

In this program you will not have a search engine, however you will have a bar where you can copy the URL of the YouTube music video whose song you want to download. Once the URL is placed, it only remains to click the download button.

It is an extremely fast program, so you can update your musical repertoire in fractions of seconds.

It is important to note that this program extracts and downloads the identical audio from the video , so if it has noises, voices or a previous presentation, the audio will also have them, however this has certain advantages since you can not only download the video audio musical, you can also download lectures, presentations or classes loaded in this program to listen and play them from your computer or player.

  • Download audio from any YouTube video
  • In addition to the audio, you can also download the YouTube video
  • Does not allow searching for other topics, only the video link on YouTube

5. Vuze – A fast program to download music that does not take up space on your hard drive


It is a program to download music whose previous name was Azureus. It is not as well known as the ones that we have already mentioned in this list, but it does not stop being one of the 10 best applications to download mp3 music without paying and fast .

What makes this program stand out is its large number of plugins and the additional services it can offer you, since it not only helps you download music but you can also play HD, read RSS format and play DVDs.

It is one of the fastest and most powerful music download programs due to its P2P feature.

Also, it weighs very little, so installing it will take up little space on your hard drive.

Its interface is quite user-friendly, allowing you not only to download, view and transfer any type of downloadable content , but it also has multiple settings. Additionally, this interface offers detailed information about all your downloads, so you can know everything you want about the file.

  • It takes up little space on hard storage
  • Quick
  • Provides document viewing and playback
  • It is not very well known, so it can be missing one or another song in the search base

6. Music2pc – MP3 to download everything direct to your PC

Another well-known program, since its users can download music directly to their PC with just one click.

The themes that you can find thanks to this program are already in MP3 format, so you won’t have to use any type of converter after downloading them.

Its use is quite simple, you only have to indicate the name of the interpreter and, once the search has started, you will get the songs immediately, also ordered according to the titles.

Allows you to download multiple playback files at the same time.

Provides additional information about each song, such as the name of the disc or its duration.

You can find all kinds of mp3 music, from the original album to covers and live performances.

  • Offers not only original songs but also covers
  • Music is downloaded directly in MP3 format
  • Download only, do not play
  • You have to solve a Captcha before starting to download

7. iMesh – Download music and much more


iMesh, despite not being well known, has a fairly extensive library, with more than 16 million song titles.

It is another P2P program , which allows downloads to be fast and not to be tracked.

One of the most interesting features of this program is that it allows you to play it before downloading , in this way you can make sure you find what you are looking for without the need to waste time downloading without being 100% sure of the result.

Not only can you download music for free and fast, but you can also download documents, video and audio, since it allows the exchange of information in various formats.

With iMesh you will be able to create your music library and organize it by genre, title or performer.

It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

  • Library with over 16 million audio files
  • Allows you to download multiple formats
  • Play songs before downloading
  • Lets create a music library
  • Not compatible with iOS

8. Shareaza – Wide variety of options for simultaneous music downloads


Shareaza is a shared download program, considered by many to be one of the best tools for downloading music due to its large number of options and its incredible download speed.

It gives you the option to play and preview the files you are downloading.

This is a very simple software to use, it also allows you to choose between a basic or advanced interface, adapting directly to your needs and allowing users who have a little more experience in this type of program to monitor the networks and configure the download. Without a doubt it is a tool that adapts to all audiences.

This pc app uses a wide variety of download document networks like Torrent, Gnutella and eDonkey, to name a few, plus its search engine has incredible power to get your favorite songs in seconds.

Shareaza uses 3 different and special logarithms to detect any errors or infections in the download files, so it will keep your computer clean and safe from malicious documents. In addition, with its IP filters you can block any address that puts your PC at risk.

Among the variety of options it has for you is the possibility of accessing it remotely from any web browser, allowing you to control your downloads.

You can also program and configure the software so that on certain days it has a download limit, as well as select the network with which it can operate.

You should not forget to consider Shareaza as your music download option , this is an extremely fast tool, free of advertising and spyware that we know will not disappoint you when it comes to downloading the songs of your favorite artists and groups.

  • Allows you to vary the interface between basic and advanced
  • It has filters for malwares
  • Remote access from any browser to settings
  • Does not allow direct search

9. FrostWire – A somewhat traditional alternative to ares


FrostWire comes as an alternative and replaces the forgotten LimeWire. This open source software is adhered to a large number of download networks such as Gnutella and eDonkey.

With its What´s New button you can stay up to date with the latest trends in shared downloads and see the most downloaded files of the week.

Currently this is one of the best alternatives to download music , its interface is extremely simple and its search bar with divisions by category will make it easier for you to find your favorite songs and update your music report quickly. Also, since it is an ad-free program, you will not have those annoying pop-up windows while you are searching or downloading a file.

With this tool you will not only be able to download songs , FrostWire allows you to search and download images, videos and various files.

Without a doubt, FrostWire is an excellent tool to search and download the content you want. Additionally, it has a player with which you can have a preview of what you are downloading.

  • Player included
  • Excellent engine and search options
  • Not updated for a considerable time

10. SoulSeek – Tool to download music with other users


It is an excellent alternative to find music that you have not obtained in any other browser, even in stores. SoulSeek is aimed at sharing music in the public domain, mostly from independent artists who do not have record contracts who want to share their work and have direct contact with their public effectively.

The interface of SoulSeek is really simple, useful and practical so you will surely like it a lot.

This tool also has a chat bar and since it is a P2P program you can request a specific song or file among the large number of users, this is a pretty useful option if you can’t find what you want to download.

Even though this music download tool is not very well known, it is really useful and will not disappoint you.

What really sets SoulSeek apart from other music download systems is the great community that this tool has managed to create. The developers have made blogs, forums and web pages available to users on the network, where they publish news related to the SoulSeek community.

  • Excellent communication with your users and between them
  • Specialized in independent music
  • It does not have a file check to avoid viruses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does music download software work?

The programs that allow you to download free and easy music are, for the most part, Peer to Peer, technology with which internet users from all over the world must share relevant information.

These types of programs are voluntary since the music is not hosted on a server but rather is hosted on the computers of the different users of the program, so the existence of the documents depends on those users and that, in turn, the they download share the final files.

However, some of these programs can also work with servers (where all the songs are hosted remotely) or as YouTube converters (insert the link of your favorite video and the program will automatically throw you the audio track in format MP3 or MP4).

Can music download programs be unsafe?

99% of the apps to download music are safe since they are in charge of reviewing the files to avoid that they are associated with viruses or any malicious aspect.

However, as most of these programs are of the P2P type, it is advisable to have an antivirus, because despite the fact that the files are reviewed, there are many users of this type of application, so the download of your favorite song could become at a bad time for you and your computer.

How to know which is the best program to download free music?

Mainly you must take into account how you want to use your program to download music , because there are three ways to use this type of program, we will explain them briefly so that you can decide which one suits you best.

If you are one of those who prefer to download the audio track of your favorite video then you will need to use a YouTube converter , as they are the only ones that will allow you to enter the link of your video to obtain the audio in MP3 format with just one click.

Also you will not have to worry about viruses, since the download comes directly from a link, without the need to share files.

Now, if what you want is to have a program that is a kind of google for songs, then you will need a program like Ares or Music2pc, in which you can directly search for your favorite song and download it directly to your pc. No links or additional searches.

External search:

These are the least preferred type of programs since they work with torrent files that are later converted to audio format. So you will need to search the torrent file on the internet so that the download program can then process and execute it.

However, they have in their favor the fact that the file can be rated on the web, this way you will know if it is a safe and quality file.

Conclusion best programs to download free music

As we told you before, there are three categories for the best program to download music 2020 , YouTube converters, direct search and external search. Below we tell you which winners are in each of these categories for us.

Direct search

best program to download music by direct searchin

Ares takes first place in this category, since it not only allows you to download music for free and fast, but it is also a player. It also allows you to download other types of files, such as videos, which can also be played directly by the program.

It also has many settings that must be configured by the user, such as the bandwidth limit to be used, the number of downloads allowed in parallel, the order of priority of downloads, among many others.

As if that were not enough, it has a kind of chat that allows you to socialize with users of the program from anywhere in the world, so you can make new friends while you download your favorite song.

Youtube converter

youtube converter mp3 downloader

There are few music download programs of this type, but the advantages are many. In this case, Atube Catcher takes the prize, for its simple and friendly interface and its speed of download.

Furthermore, this program not only allows you to download your audio or video file directly from YouTube, but it also offers various conversion formats, so if you prefer to opt for a song in MP4 and not in MP3, you can do it with just one click. .

External search

download mp3 songs using bittorrent program external search

BitTorrent takes first place in this category because it is a very easy to use the program, it allows you to study the file download profile, you can download not only songs but also videos, movies, series, books, etc. and it is configurable in many ways.

In addition, with this program you will not have to wait until all your download is finished to listen to your favorite song, you can play it before finishing downloading it since it is done in parts, so you can know the quality of the song before having it completely on your PC.

Before closing, say that there are many downloader software with which to download music to your pc without paying anything to anyone. But MP3 Rocket for PC works best in all. I hope that now you can listen to the list of music you want quickly and safely.

Always try to download the most current version. Any of these apps or better such software can be found at Softonic.